Lighthouses near

Baltimore Maryland

Several historic Lighthouses are located near Baltimore Maryland.

Craighill Channel Range Lights

The Craighill Channel Lower Range front and rear lights mark an important route to the Patapsco River, near Baltimore, MD. The front light consists of a caisson foundation with circular dwelling and tower. The rear light, known locally as "Millers Island Light", consists of a pyramidal iron frame surrounding a plate-encased stairway.

Baltimore Light

Baltimore Harbor Light is one of the most recognizable lighthouses in the upper Chesapeake Bay. The light guides mariners to the southern entrance to the Craighill Channel.

Fort Carroll Lighthouse

Fort Carroll Lighthouse is located atop a man-made island fortress in the Patapsco River. Fort Carroll Lighthouse once marked the turn from the Brewerton Channel to the Fort McHenry Channel going into and out of Baltimore Harbor. The light was discontinued in 1931. After WWII, both the fort and the lighthouse were abandoned.

Sandy Point Light

Sandy Point Shoal Light is located off Sandy Point, near Annapolis, Maryland. One of the area's best known landmarks, the 3 story caisson type lighthouse is visible from the westbound span of Chesapeake Bay Bridge and the beach at Sandy Point State Park.

The Craighill Channel Lower Range Lights, Baltimore Harbor Light, and Sandy Point Shoal Light are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Local guides offer boat tours to nearby lighthouses and other landmarks.


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