Solley Cove Park Boat Ramp Construction (Curtis Creek)

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A new boat ramp and kayak soft launch is under construction in Curtis Creek at Solley Cove Park. Construction work is expected to continue until 10 Oct 2020. During construction 2 spud barges will be in the area.

The project is intended to improve public access to waterways throughout the county, and reduce traffic and congestion at nearby marinas and boat ramps, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers of Engineers, Baltimore District.

Improvements at Solley Cove Park will include:

  • removal of dilapidated piers, pilings, and an existing boat launch
  • construction of a 54’ x 21’ ramp with adjacent littoral drift wall and 75’ x 6’ floating pier
  • improvements to an existing “soft launch” site by mechanically dredging sediment to a maximum depth of -2’ mean low water (MLW) and replace with firm sand
  • emplace landscape stones to retain the sand
  • dredge of material from the boat launch area to a maximum depth of -5 ‘ MLW
  • construct stone breakwaters around the entire site
  • and plant marsh vegetation landward of the breakwaters.

sources: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers of Engineers, Baltimore District, U.S Coast Guard 5th District

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